Bri New York -

"I've been a fan for years! Just got the new record and love the music :)"

Hannah Paige -

"I saw that you like the San Antonio Spurs, big Spurs fan here too! I live in Michigan now but I sure do miss Texas. My favorite album is These Reasons...I listen to it all the time!"

Amanda S. -

"LOVE her music! Amazing lyrics and heartfelt words. Makes me both happy and sad depending on the song!"

Cherie Nicole Chagoy, Alabama

"Best Singer/Song Writer Ever!!! O.M.G totes love this site and all of the music!!! Bonnie Barnard is true organic talent! Super cool!! #gospursgo"

Grace, Texas

"Amazing! I have been following your music for years! You have an amazing voice and the words in your songs hit so close to home! LOVE. LOVE your new songs!! Congrats on your new album!!"

Shawn - "Beautiful. I love your voice, the songs you pick and remake are awesome. I JUST BECAME A HUGE FAN BONNIE."


Ruben Cruz, Corpus Christi, Texas

"Powerful! Such sweet melodic tunes that demonstrate a culmination of musical backgrounds filling her voice with an appreciative talent."